The Garden Tour

The Brown House circa 1902 (restoration in progress)

I've finally had a minute to post some pictures of my yard from the Santiam Heritage Foundation Garden Tour this past weekend. There were 8 gardens on the tour including my friend Pam's, this event is a fundraiser for the restoration of the Brown House in Stayton OR. I was only able to visit a few gardens myself and they were spectacular! We had over 200 visitors to our gardens and were told this was the best attended tour yet!

Joy helping transform the playhouse into a tea house...
Thank you again Joy, you're fabulous!!

Interior of the Tea House

A very dedicated group of volunteers who have passion for saving this grand old home have spent many, many hours on this labor of love. I was more than happy to help out in any way I could to help save this old beauty.

The house will have ex
terior painting done this fall and proceeds from the garden tour will help purchase roofing materials for out buildings. I plan to help out at the house when they move into the interior work (I'm not sure why I offered to help, I can't even get stuff done on my own old house!).

Nice place for a little nap, notice the chandelier?

Table top fountain, so easy to make.

Clawfoot tub from my childhood home, I took many baths in it!

The Tea House, formerly my girls' playhouse

Back portion of my house

This is an astilbe plant on steroids I have...

Lots of places to sit and relax


  1. I loved visiting your garden and getting to meet you thank you. I will post in a day or two. I am preparing for my daughter and two grandbabies to come and visit us.

  2. So glad to lend a hand. I am happy the tour was such a success!
    Okay now let's get ready for Expo!!

  3. Hi, Diane! Great pics! Sorry we couldn't be there, but it sounds like there were plenty of others! I am so glad to see the Brown House restoration going so well. YEARS ago it was for sale and I wanted it in the worst way .... however the price and condition made it IMPOSSIBLE. I know you will have fun on the inside ... and I would love to come and help. My folks live in Stayton, so if we have an all-day-work-until-you-collapse decorating party, I have a place to crash before going home to Whoville.
    Looking forward to seeing you sometime soon ....
    Have a great week and hugs!
    Betty :)

  4. Diane~

    Everything looks amazing in your yard. Love your Tea House. I keep waiting for my Potting Shed/Greenhouse outbuilding. A girl can always dream.

    Looking forward to your sale in August and have been going through all my goodies to sell. Good luck at Expo!


  5. Loved the tour of your garden. Here is a link to some photos I took of the event. Enjoy!

  6. Diane,

    I would love to come and take photos! My twin sister and I were going to come anyway. How early can I come? I would love to get some pictures before the sun gets too bright. Thanks! You can contact me at


  7. It's beautiful! I can't wait to see it on Sunday. Have a safe 4th - Hugs, M.

  8. Wow, you have a goreous garden!
    Mrs Peeks Farmhouse

  9. Oh my, your garden looks like a little slice of heaven, I would love to take a nap on the daybed under the trees- truly relaxing!! Thanks so much for sharing.

  10. it seems like Oregon has a lot of neat old farm houses. I am envious of the green gardens and large lots, so tempting to leave California, not to mention all the neat antique shows.

  11. sooo happy to land here... love your treasures love your garden bed xoxo laura

  12. Table top fountain: so easy to make.
    tell us more?

    Barbara jean


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