Busy, Crazy, Wonderful Shows!!

Molly Mo's booth at Expo

Sue & Joe (Bella Shabby)
Cute seed packet display at Bella Shabby
Bella Shabby
Shannon looking adorable
Love this pic of Isabel (Tickled Pink)
Joy (Aunties)
My girls Cara & Emma
Christa & Julie (Kindred Roses)
This sweet parlor chair sold quickly!
This vanity sold the last 15 minutes of the show!

Whew! I've had two back-to-back shows and wanted to share some pics with you. I'm sure many of you have already seen other blogs of these shows since my friends are much more attentive to their blogs than I am.

The Portland Expo show was held July 10th, 11th and 12th. I've done this show for several years now with my friends (mother-daughter team Maryann & Shannon and Joy ). Maryann was unable to attend due to health reasons but still managed to stay in touch (boss around?) her daughter and the rest of us by phone. We love you Maryann and really did miss you and you're only a little bossy, just like the rest of us!

My next post will be of the Barnhouse show this past weekend!

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