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Annual Friends Spring Sale!

Time to think about spring! 

After such a cold, wet winter, we're just itching to get out in our gardens and refresh our homes.  Molly Mo's and Mama Roost are excited to announce this year's event:
 2 sales at 2 different locations!

Molly Mo's 
440 NE Cherry St
Sublimity OR 97385
503 510-0820

Mama Roost
351 N Third Ave
Stayton OR 97383
503 930-3695

 Lots of wonderful vintage, antique, re-purposed, handmade and garden goodies - statuary, bird baths, uniquely planted flowers, farmhouse style, too much to list!

Be sure to visit our Facebook event page!


Holiday Treasures Show!
Get in the holiday spirit at our 10th annual event at 2 locations!

Molly Mo's Summer Antique Faire 2016 Part 3

Welcome back to the Summer Antique Faire recap! Today Diane has asked me to share some photos of the band that played Friday night, Three for Silver. Those that joined the first night of the show had an opportunity to sit for good eats and drinks while the band played! Here is a look at the show...

Molly Mo's Summer Antique Faire 2016 Part 2

Hello! Diane has welcomed me back to share more highligths that I have captured of the Molly Mo's Summer Antique Faire! Every year, my assistant and I arrive before dawn to photograph the treasures before the doors open. We love finding those beautiful treasures in the booths especially as the sun comes up. Everything glitters and shines with the morning light. The air is crisp and clear before the heat of the day and you can hear all the crystals hanging from their chandeliers clinking together in the breeze. It is peaceful and magical.

Here are some of my favorites.

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