Ahhh....The Season of the Porch!

What better way to spend a hot afternoon than on a porch with an iced tea or nice cold beer reading a good book or maybe a little nap.

Finally we got great warm weather here in the valley after a very cold winter and not so great early spring. It was time to dust off the furniture in storage, find the pillows, accessories and all the stuff required for my little slice of heaven.

I've taken a few pictures of my porch to share with you, this is the favorite part of my house, which was built in the 1890's. The original double decker porch pictured above (sorry I scanned it too small but you can click on it for a larger view hopefully) was destroyed in the 1962 Columbus Day storm. We were fortunate to obtain this picture of the first porch, taken in the 1920's, from the original owner's daughter who was still living and in her 90's. I love how they had the vegetable garden right out in the front yard!

We enjoy a lot of meals at this table!

.I recently bought this cool pull-out sofa bed from Cindy (Tarte), the burlap pillow was
made by Natalie (Sparrow)

We used the picture as a guide to rebuild the porch, it's still a work in progress as anyone who owns an old house knows!

Still needed is the gingerbread fretwork and door to the balc
ony from the master bedroom, all as time and money allows. We added french doors, which were not original to the house and built the deck 10 feet wide rather than the original 4 or 5 feet.

There was a second porch at the back of the house, which was the service porch for doing laundry, etc. That area was converted to a mudroom and bathroom many years ago by a previous owner. Luckily I don't have to use a washtub and scrub board for laundry as the previous ladies of this house did, I'm so glad God invented front-load washers and dryers!

I hope you enjoy the pictures, my next post will be of my garden, which will be one of eight in a garden tour on June 28th. This annual tour is major fundraiser for one of my favorite causes, the restoration of an old historic victorian beauty in my community.

I just had to include a picture of the new man in my life, Nacho, who was rescued from a puppy mill. He's a pomeranian/chihuahua mix and is the sweetest little dog ever!


  1. Hi Diane!

    You know I love your porch and house. It's so lovely the way you have decorated it. I would love to sit out there with you and gossip with a giant glass of sweet tea or take a nap, I can't decide. Hope to see you sometime soon!



  2. Diane, loved the tour of you porch, it is so inviting!!! That sofa is gorgeous!!! See you soon!

  3. Gorgeous Diane, as ever! So awesome that you were able to get that old pic! Your house and yard and grounds are one of my most favorite places to visit. You're an awesome planner/decorator/gardner/"shabby chic-er"!


  4. Yours is the 2nd porch I've visited in the last few minutes, and I must say, I had a great time looking! I have one of those old shopping carts on my back porch, too! Love the house and all the work you've done to it! Karen

  5. Your's is one of the sweetest & peaceful (yes even with all the girls!)homes to visit. The porch is divine. I look forward to the garden tour this month and hanging out with the chickens in August durint the Flea Market! Hugs, M.

  6. Awesome! Isn't it fun to have those old photos? You are lucky to have a porch so deep...it really makes a difference in being a useful living space.

    Can't wait to see your gardens...but just when do you find the time to garden?!
    Have a great weekend!

  7. Really beautiful! I recently did a post on my own porch, as we just finished our re-do! Yours is very cool, with the history and all!

  8. I LOVE your porch and look forward to seeing it soon!!

  9. Hi, D! Looks lovely! I think we need a girls' day picnic on the porch!! Saw the beautiful cart liner Martha made you for your 21st birthday .... lol!! Sending heaps of hugs your way and hope you are doing well.
    Betty :)


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