Only 5 Days Till Show Time!

cherubs and angels
love old boxes!
more Ironstone and a sweet dresser
old tin flowers in bloom!

It's been a very busy past few days getting the final touches in place for the 4 Friends sale this Saturday the 21st at Molly Mo's.
I wanted to show you a few more pics of the shop, I'm hoping for good weather on Saturday, at least no rain or wind since I like to put things outside. I'm excited to have the "Coffee Pair" van here on the morning of the sale selling coffee drinks and yummy baked goods for hungry customers. The Coffee Pair is a new mobile coffee business owned by my friends Larena and Mandy.
You may know Larena from Blackberry Junction in Albany, she recently sold this business. Mandy is a licensed caterer who also had her business "Cafe Venae" at Blackberry Junction. Mandy has also been the food vendor at my antique faire for the past few years - she's a fabulous baker and both ladies are very sweet and friendly, I hope you stop by their van for a treat and say hello!

french wire garden cart
little cupboards
wheatgrass in fun planters


  1. I cant wait to see it all !! Good Luck and hope the weather holds for you !!

  2. Lookin' good! I'm still working out the details but hope to see ya soon!
    THANKS for the congrats! Yes, it is getting more unusual.

  3. Yay! I can't wait for Saturday! My friend and I are looking forward to a fun day of shopping without the kiddos in tow (well if you don't count the one in the oven-hehe). Best of luck with all of the last minute details.

  4. I really like the wheat grass. It's so fresh and Springy (which I'm longing for in my neck of the woods).

  5. It all looks terrific, Di. Sorry I missed you!


  6. What a great blog, glad I found you!! Great junk! Many Blessings, Janna


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