I'm impatiently awaiting spring's arrival, the recent snow did not help my impatience and I'm still nursing sweet pea starts inside because it's too cold to plant them - they're quickly taking over my kitchen window because they love the warmth! Can you blame them?

Oh well, when you live in the Pacific NW and it's spring, you have to get used to rain, snow, ice and sun all within a day's time! It's wo
rth the wait though when all those gorgeous flowers are in bloom and the grass is so sweet and green.

Since I can't do too much in my garden just yet, I've been busy getting ready for the 4 Friends sale on March 21st - you don't want to miss it! Four locations with wonderful finds offered by very talented women, see the post at right for more info. This is our second year, we had a so much fun last year that we wanted to to do it again and actually added a new "friend" who's really an old friend, Martha of Vintage Trifles! If you're not familiar with her, check out her blog to see some of her fabulous creations!

I've posted some more pics of things that will be for sale at the show, I'm having a hard time finding enough room for everything. I always have way too much for my little barn to hold but the more the merrier, right? Hope you can make it!

Ironstone and chickens

Garden finds

Paper weights with vintage print

Decadent chandeliers

More to come......


  1. Great pix!! I think I need to have something in the 2nd picture.


  2. Oh, Diane, it is all so beautiful. Your homestead is gorgeous there in sweet Sublimity. I love everything I ever bought from you, so I know your sale will be an event of sheer escape!


  3. I'm so sad I won't be able to come to your sale this time. Everything looks amazing and I'm sure you will have a sucessful sale. Wishing you good luck and good weather.



  4. I can hardly wait till next weekend!!
    A friend and i have scheduled the day to come up from Eugene, and we are soooo looking forward to seeing the 4 wonderful places (including yours) that will be doing the sale.

    Blessings as you get ready, and have a great sale.

    Barbara Jean
    Treasures from the Heart

  5. Hey Diane!! I can't make the sale...We are going out of town for spring break..I'm happy to hear your getting seeds started! Check out grannysheirloomseeds.com, they have some great deals -blessings and lots of luck to you-

  6. Hi Diane , Hooray ! A blog! I got you added to my blog roll today . I hadn't even thought of my sweet peas till I read about yours. Thanks for the reminder! Sue


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