Save This Date - Molly Mo's Summer Antique Faire!

Our 8th Annual Event

JUNK  *  FOOD  *   FUN

Summer's not complete without a good old fashioned outdoor antique fest!


  1. Hi, I love your events and normally make them. I am interested in the Summer 2013 event. I am a member of Sisters of the Fly, and I am interested in hosting a weekend gathering of my group. Our main event will be your sale. I need your help. We all have vintage trailers that we tow to places for our events. Will you assist me in finding a location for us. A place with trees and water is nice, a campground (not Silver Falls, too far) an RV park. Someones pasture or field... Is there a Chamber of Commerce?

    1. How many trailers you talking about to park?

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  3. We had a GREAT time yesterday at the Cottage Sale!It was a beautiful day!!


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