Deepwood Antique Faire this Saturday!

Deepwood Estate is a very special historic home in Salem, Oregon.

 The house is a Queen Anne victorian built in 1894, the surrounding four acres of gardens were designed by the well known female landscape architect team of Lord and Schryver in the 1920's.
The city of Salem saved this beautiful home in 1971 from a fate that so many other historic structures fell victim to;  "URBAN RENEWAL" (the other meaning of urban renewal is; if it's old, it's gotta go!) because we all know how much better a nice new shiny parking lot or state office is than some old falling down house and gardens right? What better way to honor our heritage for future generations I ask?

Well, enough of my rant on tearing down historic buildings in the name of "progress", sorry but this is one of my many passions!

The faire will be this Saturday, Sept 25th from 9am - 3pm.  
1116 Mission St SE
Salem OR  97302

I 'll be there along with several other wonderful vendors.  There will be food, music, a vintage car show and you can stroll through the gardens.  Free admission! Click on Deepwood Estate on my side bar for more info and history of the house.

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