Vendor Spotlight - The Farrier's Daughter

Lindsey of The Farrier's Daughter is one of the cutest and sweetest gals you'll ever meet!  She is incredibly talented and after taking a break to have baby #2, she's back as a vendor to Molly Mo's and I am so happy she's getting back in the saddle!  Lindsey makes these adorable Cowgirl Canteens among many other creative, recycled goods and just plain old great stuff.

Lindsey quotes on her blog "The Farrier’s Daughter is a small business that represents who I am and my personal style. It combines my wild and crazy, inner gypsy cowgirl that leads me near and far collecting treasures with my home-grown-country-girl set of values based on family, hard work, and a “what you see is what you get” honesty. While I have a great appreciation for all things old, and believe that, "perfection is too predictable"; I enjoy creating new things as well. Motherhood has opened a new door of inspiration, and you will often find new, handmade items for the little people I call my “Barn Babies”.  

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