It's Finally Here - My New Barn Porch!

We were in such a hurry five years ago
to build & finish this barn before our eldest daughter Cara's wedding, which was at our home, the porch would just have to wait. Well, I patiently waited and waited and waited, you know how it is.......

This was the year we decided it was time to finally "finish" the barn, which is used as my shop. One day, it may be tuned into a little guest house. My husband and I have even thought about living there when we're too old to care for this big old farmhouse and navigate the steep staircase. We're hoping one of our four daughters will live in the old house with their family and wait on us hand and foot, I mean, look after us.

Setting posts.......

the dimensions are 24 feet by 10 ft, a nice deep porch

Roofing, flashing and lots of painting....

And voila! It's done, looks easy but was a lot of work, we had a fab contractor and my hubby
was his "helper". I love the open, vaulted design of the ceiling. There are still some antique porch brackets to be added and I have a cool, old chandelier to hang in the gable. The brackets were salvaged from an old Victorian torn down here in Sublimity back in the 70's that I got from someone who was taking them to the burn pile! They should be repaired and in place by the end of the week. We will eventually lay brick pavers instead of the gravel, I'll have to post another pic when these elements are finished.

I'm so happy to have the porch in place before the antique faire on Aug 21st!


  1. It really does change the look of the building! Very nice job. Thanks for sharing the process.
    I have a front porch and roof that needs doing over. Maybe I'll tweak the design a bit.

  2. Looks awesome, Diane.... Can't wait to visit you and see it in person!!

  3. It's FAB darling!!!
    Can't wait to see it in person.

  4. the porch looks great and i love how you painted the doors and window trim black - really sets it off!

  5. Thanks, the paint is actually a green-black color but reads more black, I love this color. I painted the doors to my house the same, it's Behr paint called "Tavern Green" at Home Depot.

  6. I love how this turned out, Diane and the dark doors really stand out. I had a nice time visiting with you the other night and thanks again for the raspberries and the tasty drink.

    Take care and good luck at the BH Flea...wish I could come up and see see it.


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  8. Wow, that porch looks so wonderful. I followed the Barn House blog link to you. nice blog. I'll be back


  9. This is a wonderful porch, it just "makes" the barn! Love your blog:)
    Becky C
    Buckets of Burlap


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