Barnhouse Here I Come!

I'm so happy to again be a vendor at Barnhouse on July 31st!

This will be my third year participating (since it started!) it's been fun watching this show grow and become nationally famous! The BH boys really know how to put on a great time with some of the best vendors around and their farm is beautiful.

If you've never gone to the show, this is the year to go!

Visit the BH website for more info, be sure to stop by and say hi if you're at the show - come early, it will be crazy!

I'll post more soon and give you an update on what's been happening around Molly Mo's here lately! I'm so excited, only 5 years in the making.....


  1. It was so good to see you this last weekend. I miss you!!!!
    Can't wait til the Barn House Experience!!!!
    It's gonna be FUN!!!!

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  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog and I will be at your show in August. I wouldn't miss it. I absolutly love your place and all your great vendors. I will also make the BH sale. It has turned into an annual trip for girlfriends. Keep the fingers crossed that summer is finally here and here's wishing great weather for both sales.

  4. Howdy Diane!! So happy you will be joining us for our 3rd Annual Flea. SOOOO crazy how time will just fly by! We are really hoping to be able to make it to your show in was one of my most memorable trips in the NW. SUCH a beautiful drive to your place. It's absolutely stunning!

    The Boys


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