Molly Mo's Summer Antique Faire 
August 17th from 8am-3pm

Guest post by Sarah Voss of Roost Reimagined

For those of you that have not attended an Antique faire.  I have to tell you what once might have been referenced as a flea market is simply no more.  This is the age of recreating, reimagining and repurposing what was once considered old... or just plain trash into something new and CHIC.  These vintage and antique shows have evolved into boutique-like little markets in quaint gardens and fields.  You will find just this sort of thing at the Molly Mo's Summer Antique Faire.

Upon your arrival to the faire you will wander in through a quiet country lane to arrive at a  white farmhouse and be instantly greeted with a feeling of welcome.  You will see an old crusty windmill and beautiful flowers potted in rusty buckets.  Before you start your journey through the quaint property you can indulge in a pastry or coffee by Cafe Venae.  

You can then spend hours walking through the booths, touching the creations, smelling the old books, oohing and awing over the clever displays of each vendor.  Trying to contain your giddiness over a new purchase or idea that comes to you.  The music floating through the air will keep your boots tapping as you weave your way through the crowds.  All in all a wonderful afternoon to enjoy with friends and family.  Because that is why we started these little businesses of ours to be able to share our passion for creating beautiful things for our homes and families.

So grab your hat and join my family and that of our friends in a day of laughing, enjoying music & food and of course good old JUNK'IN. 

                      Below are some of my friends that will be joining me at the Faire.

Amy Lozano
                              Artfully Arranged


Cafe Venae

Elegant Garden Design

*Jula Girls

Just Chic

*Madison Park

Mama Roost

Pleasant Hill Growers

Roost Reimagined 

Rusty Rabbit

*Sammy Girl 

San Antonio Rose

Valentine Creek Farm

Vintage Touch

Vintage Trifles

Vintage Market


*New vendors this year!

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