Thank You Everyone!

I've finally recuperated enough to do a post of the show last weekend, it was another fantastic sale!!  

Started out a little sprinkly in the morning and cool (ok, I was getting really worried, trying not to show it) but the day ended up being just fine.  It was a nice break from the scorching heat we had to set up in - my vendors are the best, no complaining, just get in, get it done and it turned out beautiful!

I want to thank everyone who came out to enjoy the show, we love having you all to our home to shop for wonderful things, visit with friends, make some new friends and enjoy the country air.  

I especially want to give a big shout out to my awesome vendors, without them, there would be no Molly Mo's Antique Faire.  I tried to get pics of all my vendors and their helpers, these were taken at the end of the day, the crowd had thinned and all were dog-tired but still had smiles for me.  If anyone has pics to share, just email them to me at 

 More show pics coming from Jen with Evans Photography so please check back!

Sarah (Roost) and Pam (Mama Roost) whipping up cushions for me before the show (not that they didn't have enough to do themselves!), this mother-daughter team showed up at my house while I was gone, plugged in their machines and knocked out beautiful cushions for a vintage patio set I had just scored - love you girls!!

Completed cushions, just wonderful!

Mark & Martha (Vintage Trifles) enjoying a cool soak during set up - told ya it was hot!

Our guys Mark & Matt - huge help, great hubbys!

 Sarah and adorable son Ethan - an entrepreneur already of course.
He's getting a little sister in Dec!

 Ron & Wendy Brown (Vintage Market) they were new to the show and a wonderful addition, love them!

 Mama Roost Pam and a loyal customer

 Guinne (Rusty Rabbit) fab, fab, fab......!

 These cute gals - Patty & Julie (Vintage Touch), Katie (Antique Friends), Traci (Pleasant Hill Growers) and our own Miss Martha (Vintage Trifles)

 Sharon & Gary (San Antonio Rose) another new vendor, very cool and wonderful things!

 Trisha & Jennifer (Just Chic) Trisha was threatened offered to help Jennifer out with the show when partner Kim couldn't make it - love you girls!  Bought the cutest chair for my vanity from them!

 Of course the lovely Susan (Artfully Arranged) and her equally lovely daughter Dee, Susie pretty much sells out at this show, I bought the light fixture hanging above them for my family room and LOVE IT!

 My daughter Hayden (just got off the day shift at the cannery - fun!) and my dad at the entrance to the show, I am so blessed to have such a loving family.

 This is Maryanne (Marnie Marie), Karen and Joy (Aunties), these ladies are my wonderful long time friends and the show would not be complete without them, love you girls!

 My dad and sweet son-in-law Eric, they helped park cars and repair boots in their spare time.

My beautiful mama, Carol, dad and my youngest daughter Molly (yes, she was the inspiration for Molly Mo's!)

Dee and Larena (Valentine Creek Farm) Larena is another long time friend and vendor of the show, she is about the sweetest person you will ever meet, honest.

I realized I did not get a shot of Jay (Elegant Garden Design) I kept trying to get a pic but he moves around so much and always had a customer in his booth I couldn't get one.  Jay was our comic relief and is also a very sweet guy who helped me late Friday night get last minute things done - you're the best Jay!  I also did not get a shot of Mandy (Cafe Venae) for pretty much the same reason as above, hopefully Jen got one, her food rocked as always!

We had a Stayton High Cheer Leading raffle fundraiser for my daughter Emma's cheer team, the prize was this gorgeous dress form donated by Martha, guess who won it for her baby girl's nursery?  Sarah was thrilled!

Another lucky winner of the gift basket this time - sorry! forgot to write her name down but she too was surprised. She told me she was just getting ready to leave but thought she should stick around on the off chance she won the basket - lucky girl!  This is Cheer team captain Jane holding the prize.


  1. What fun to stumble onto your blog and end up tagging along to a faire! Enjoyed the sights.

    1. Thanks, glad you stumbled! check back later for more pics.


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