A Very Funky Weekend!

We had a blast at the Funky Junk Sisters Show this past weekend. As usual, I never get all the pictures taken at shows that I want. You can check out Martha's blog for more.

I met some of the nicest people
ever at this show, all the vendors were so sweet and I actually met a few who read my blog! Since I figure only about 12 people actually read my blog, I was so excited!!

I also want to thank Linda & Dixie, the Funky Junk Sisters, for putting on such an awesome show with so much talent.

It was such a relaxed vibe and so much fun, thank you ladies! We never could pin down both of them for group pic but we did manage one pic w/ Dixie - see Martha's blog.

Martha's son Jake (not his normal face) & my eldest daughter Cara

Martha's booth, loved the pop of lime green!

The pics below are of other booths, I didn't get all their names, so sorry!

This was Cari's booth, she was next to me & is one of the Sisters on The Fly who have the fabulous vintage trailers (which I of course did not get a picture of!)

This was my neighbor across from me, 4th Ave, they are a group of 3 girlfriends from Puyallup that all live on the same street, such cute & talented ladies!

Todays Country Store, wonderful display and such great ladies - I have to take a weekend to visit their store in Sumner, WA which is next door to Puyallup.

Isabella's Blue, she has an incredible boho-chic style

My next adventure - Barnhouse, July 31st !

Stay tuned........


  1. Thank you for the pictures. Looks like a great show that I missed!

  2. It was great to meet you Diane! Your booth and Marthas were beautiful! Kris and I have put your show on our calendar and are planning on heading south!:)

  3. It was great to see you. I will see you at BH. Hugs Florence

  4. Diane it was so fun being neighbors!! Great meeting and chatting with you! I loved so much of your stuff...of course the cart :) hehe! We may head South to Barn House so maybe we will see you soon! :)

  5. Your booth looks great Diane. So glad you had fun and hope you sold lots. I was bummed I couldn't make it, maybe next year.

    Where did that sun go???

    Take care,


  6. Diane...
    We loved having you and Martha as neighbors. You are both such sweet and talented gals with a great eye for vintage...(be sure and let me know when youre ready to sell that shopping cart!) It is composed of my two favorite things...metal and a little rust :-)
    Hoping to run into you soon...be sure and give 'Nacho' an ear-scratch for me!
    Tinell (skaugfamily.blogspot.com)
    1 of 3 of the 4th Avenue Ladies

  7. Your booth was lovely, and it was so cool to see you again! I need to get south more than I do. I'm smack dab in the middle of Portland and Seattle, yet lately, I'm always north!

  8. How did I miss the Bouquet sign? I swear, I've seen more in the pictures from the show than I actually saw there! Lovely to have met you...and put a face with the name. I'm going to soooo enjoy that beautiful floral tray.


  9. Very cool! It looks like it was an awesome show! Fun fun!



  10. Now you have 13 people that read your blog! Hope all is well in Junk land for you-blessings

  11. I am still daydreaming about your amazing booth at Funky Junk!!! I loved every treasure you had ;) Will you be doing their show in October?! xo!!


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