The countdown has begun for our Holiday Treasures show on Nov 6th and 7th!

Martha and I have been busy planning; postcards are in the mail to customers, advertisements placed and now we just have to get our projects done and the barn decorated. Doesn't sound too bad right? Wrong! Because there are so many other, little things to still do - ever heard it's not the mountain ahead but the pebble in your shoe saying? That perfectly describes getting ready for a show.

All the little details that make it a show worth coming back to every year because of the way you feel coming in the door. Don't you just love going to a shop or show that makes your heart beat a little faster when you walk in and see all the beautiful things? You know the feeling.....

There is never enough time or energy that a show entails but it is so worthwhile! This show is so very special to both of us , we love to see our friends come and enjoy what we have to offer at this wonderful time of year. I'm excited to have our friend Patty (no blog), Martha's fabulous helper, who is making some delightful treats for the show that will not disappoint!
I'm posting a few things that will be for sale at the show, much to come, be sure to check Martha's blog too!


  1. Oh, my postcard came today and I can't wait. Thanks for the sneek peak. ~Adrienne~

  2. Do you have vendor space for rent at the Holiday Treasures on Nov5-6 2009. TC

  3. I'm not quite ready to even think about the Christmas season, but it is really right around the corner! Can't wait for your show!!!

  4. It will be perfect! It is always gorgeous and different! Not to worry, it will all come together.


  5. Saw your postcards in town yesterday and "freaked" out in public! I jumped and down like a little girl yelling "That's my photo!" Although, since I was just with Becca she shook her head at me and told me, "Yeah, I know." ;)


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