Over the Rainbow

Hello, my name is Jennifer Evans, of Create Well... Create Often, and my sweet friend Diane has asked me to be a guest blogger! I am so thrilled!

I have to say, when I met Diane almost three years ago, I never would have guessed how she would bless my life. (This is the best part about being a guest blogger for Diane... I can talk about her as much as I want and she can't edit it... heehee) No, really, Molly Mo's isn't just a shop or a place where you can find antiques and the hottest trends in shabby chic home decor. It is so much more than that. I know everyone who supports Molly Mo's will describe it differently. But for me it is magical.

Molly Mo's inspires. I met Diane at a local garden tour. I fell in love with her garden and sense of style. I always bring along my camera and was able to share with her the photos I took while I was there. I had no idea that I was going to be able to meet so many wonderful people through her Summer Antique Faire and I have come to the conclusion that they are some of the nicest people I have ever met! Whenever I need some artistic inspiration, I know where to go!

As Craft Warehouse's design team leader, I have the privilege to work with some amazing artists, design for a great company, and come up with some creative ways to get our artists excited about some of our upcoming assignments. Paper crafters love fresh new paper and this month we are able to work with a new line from Pink Paislee called Daily Junque by House of Three. When I saw this line, I thought immediately of Diane and Molly Mo's. So, I called Diane and asked her if I could come by her place the day before her Friends Event. I tried to capture the magic that makes Molly Mo's what it is by video and then I posted this video on our team's forum. The team's job was to watch the video and try and guess the new line we were to be working with. For those who knew Diane and Molly Mo's they guessed right away. ;)

 Diane asked me to share the video with you...

Over the Rainbow from Jennifer Evans on Vimeo.

Molly Mo's is truly magical... and Diane, you are what makes it sparkle.


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