A magical start to the Christmas season at Molly Mo's & Vintage Trifles!

We had so many friends come to the show on Friday night and Saturday -
restocking had to be done after the flurry of Friday night early buying but there was still lots
to enjoy come Saturday morning! The weather was actually pretty good until later in the afternoon. We were lucky, after some wild Friday weather during the day, but by the evening it was calm and dry (mostly). How nice - a beautiful, sparkly evening!

I was so thankful for the help Friday evening of Joy, Patty and my daughter Molly. I didn't get a pic of Joy, it was so crazy!

Marilyn & daughter and Karen having some laughs...

Sheila, baby Owen and mommy Beth

Karen & Pam

Elf Patty, Martha & me cheesing it up for the camera

Hannah, future Molly Mo's helper, modeling an adorable vintage camisole that is perfect for such a pretty young girl!

Martha and her friend Nacho snuggling

My sweetie Matt and Martha. I could not pull this show off without his help, he is the muscle!

The twins Becca, Jenn and me

The best and cutest sugar cookies ever made by Patty. They were quickly gobbled up but I managed to get a shot, see a much better pic of these on Martha's blog.

Olivia, Molly and Patty

Molly handled early buying at the door, she is the ham of the family as you can see....
Nacho kept her warm!

This was a vignette we created on the landing, the sign reads "How Mrs Clause copes..."
We all cope in our own ways don't we!

I have a little break and then time to get ready for the Monticello Christmas Show - this is also a must-see for the holidays! Starts Dec 4th!!


  1. Diane,
    Even though I couldn't make it, I have my sources and know that although the glitter and cookies were fabulous, it is you, Martha, and the crew that are the real reason everyone had a fantastic time!
    Betty :)

  2. Hi,
    I was happy to be able to help. Everything was wonderful. Karen's friends name is Pam.

  3. It looks like it was a perfectly magical, sparkly time...wonderful wares and lots of fun! So wished I could have made it...Rene'

  4. What wonderful friends you have...Love that glittery WISH!

    Warm blessings,

  5. Hi Diane! It was soooooooooo beautiful at your show! It put me in the Holiday spirit, and it was just enchanting seeing it at night! Gorgeous!!

    Love, Sheila

  6. Had a blast at the show! My goodies are already up in the house. Love the picture... we look like winter! ;)

  7. Hi Diane~

    It was good to see you on Saturday and everything looked amazing. Did you know you were going to be featured in the Porch magazine? Very cool. I'd love to see it. Let me know if you are still up for Sunday and what time.

    Take care,


  8. LOVED the show and oh and ahhhed over everything! HUGS!
    - Becca

  9. It looks amazing as always!!! You can tell everyone is having such a good time! You know I would absolutely love to come :) And your "how Mrs. Claus copes" is too it!

    :) T

  10. I just love that first photo! Looks like a wonderfully good time.

  11. thanks for all the pics..made me feel like i was there....almost!! it was wonderful to se all the smiles...i am sue everyone left very happy! oh, and i can almost taste elf patty's cookies!!! yum!

    Heart Hugs,

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